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Defining Financial Health

In 1943, Abraham Maslow proposed “A Theory of Human Motivation” in the Psychological Review. In the paper he proposed a heirarchy of needs presented clearly in this pyramid. Even today, this pyramid is still very relevant and after diving in I found the financial industry nicely nested in the 2nd level.

Financial health, together with Personal health & well-being forms a rather large part of our Safety needs. And just like personal health, where we learn the best practises from a young age, our financial health needs just as much attention.

When we look at the Human Financial Landscape in the Netherlands, we see that the middle-income groups take up the largest chunk of the population, a staggering 79%. This is the group that you and I belong to. And that’s the group we’d like to help be more financially fit!

As designers, we are passionate about this topic and believe that we can develop a tool that can assist our income class by solving a few issues.

We began with some user research in the form of a Typeform survey. We asked 7 questions like what a person's current living situation is as well as questions about how a person would define financial stability.


This project was a part of the 2017 Backbase Hackathon in Amsterdam. It was run by myself and Nikolay Zaytsev. For more details on this project please get in touch.