SIB Centre Kenya

Brief: CSR Netherlands and the Netherlands Embassy in Nairobi outlined a project plan for setting up a knowledge centre because the missing link in Kenya is a locally embedded knowledge centre for Sustainable and Inclusive Business. The aim of this knowledge centre is to make knowledge, good practices, tools and experiences available for the Kenyan business community. There is not yet a centre where all ‘roads towards Sustainable & Inclusive Business’ come together. Through this knowledge centre existing Kenyan organisations, networks and companies can be assisted in understanding, promoting and implementing sustainability and inclusiveness. 

Partners: the MUZES

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Visual Concept:

Built up from 3 symbols, infinity, plus and two people – representing the three core values Sustainability, Inclusiveness and Business. Transparency is also very important when doing business today and this is visible through the underlying symbols. The words “centre kenya” are written in small letters in order to show the approachability of the centre. Often, large caps are associated to closed, large corporations.

Colours chosen link The Netherlands (flag orange) to Kenya (flag black) and a new colour purple to represent change.