Royal Stag Bistro

The Royal Stag Bistro was officially opened 20 February 2014. This exquisite English-styled Bistro is a family run business, the brain-child of Gadis Sadiqah. Based in Bandung, Indonesia, it is a breath of English flair that resonates with a local smile.

ColourBlind founder, illustrator and genius Putri Sadiqah has partnered up with her sister and has developed the branding and identity of the Royal Stag. The bistro is flushed with artwork throughout the menu, the decoration and the custom designed crockery and has even expanded into a little gift shop on the premises. In the gift shop you can also find little goodies, teapots, t-shirts and the like.

If you're ever in the area or on Java Island, be sure to make your way to the Royal Stag to say hello!