NS Railway

In 2013, the National Dutch Railway held a farewell event for their beloved Bert Meerstadt. The event was celebrated in Utrecht's Spoorwegmuseum and we were happy to be the design studio, to execute the event branding.

The briefing was to create a look and feel for the event that would give the essence of Mr Meerstadt's retirement from the company but to leave the visitors with a sense of wonder and adventure for the future. We landed on the concept of Journey; into a new era for the company and for the new chapter Mr Meerstadt would enter himself.

The artwork was created to reflect a fictional map with metaphorical cities named with inspirational words like 'Vision' and 'Adventure' thus giving a playfulness. The colours were chosen to reflect an open and cheerful spirit in the presence of the dark blue and bright yellow of the NS.

The project included a myriad of items which included:
Luggage labels, customised postage stamps, digital Save the Dates, digital RSVP confirmations, digital and print invitations, web banners, large roll-up banners, banners with face cutouts, customised stickers for Starbucks cups, table placemats, location floor plan, floral thank you card.

Partners: The MUZES + IMAGO! Print, Sign & Display

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