"To look is to look for what is important for one’s work, not letting the local discipline tell you what is important or relevant. Looting, focusing, curiosity is this: to get so specific about something that it becomes something other than what it ordinarily is."

~ Edward Tufte


Over the past fifteen years, Andreas has sampled various aspects of design. With a BA in Graphic & Advertising Design and a MA in Editorial Design, he has journeyed through various disciplines from fine arts to visual communication. In 2009 he founded ColourBlind Studio and worked on a myriad of projects that included branding, corporate identity, user experience design, website design, print design, illustration, typography design, book design, photography, art direction, copywriting, and a little product design.

Today, he dabbles much more in the digital realm, focusing on digital transformation for institutes in the financial industry. 82º is the a union of Andreas' past with his future vision, manifesting in the changing digital world of today. He currently consults for Backbase in Amsterdam.

His off-time project is 2, a line of minimalistic card holders. He has been involved in the branding, identity, photography, packaging, social media, website and production (including sewing). He has also successfully marketed them on various platforms such as Bol.com and Amazon.co.uk.

Andreas was born and raised in South Africa. He has Cypriot roots and currently living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He thrives in multi-cultural environments, always engaging, searching, observing and absorbing.


Bygones: Design.nl

Publications: Creative Throw • Apprentice Guide

Select Clients: Alpha Dental • BloemenBlos • Caesar Groep • C3 Amsterdam • De Lach van Bovenkerk • e-Learning Fabriek • Magion • the Muzes • Nederlandse Spoorwegen • PixelFlakes • Publicis Groupe • Quint Wellington Redwood • Samsung • Universiteit van Amsterdam • Vereniging van Openbare Bibliotheken

UX Consulting: Banque de Luxembourg, Latitude Financial Services Australia, C. Hoare Bank, GLS Bank.